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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See below for commonly asked questions. If you don't see your question, please use the Contact form to reach out. 


What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a psychotherapy approach utilized to address issues impacting the family rather than focusing on one individual. Family therapy is beneficial for reducing conflict, decreasing negative behaviors, and improving communication and relationships.

Do you offer individual therapy?

Individual therapy services are not offered at this time. Your therapist can assist with connecting you to an individual therapist if you are interested in this or if the therapist believes individual therapy would be beneficial for yourself or a family member.

Do you offer couples therapy?

Because the overall mission of Pinwheel Alliance LLC is to strengthen families with children to ensure children thrive in their environments, couples therapy is not provided as a standalone service. However, some issues, such as poor communication or relationship barriers, may be addressed when appropriate as these issues relate to all members of the family.

Why should I schedule a consultation?

A consultation helps with identifying service needs and to determine if a family and the therapist are a good fit.

Why do I need to enter my credit/debit card information to schedule a free consultation?

There is a $25 service fee charged for those who schedule a consultation and fail to attend.

Are crisis services offered?

A family experiencing an emergency/crisis should contact 911 immediately. Due to the therapist's schedule, the therapist may be unable to provide assistance during a crisis. During the intake evaluation, the therapist will discuss what to do if there is an emergency or crisis.


Where do therapy appointments take place?

You can meet with your therapist in your home or in the community. Community appointments, however, can limit confidentiality. Your therapist can discuss risks and benefits with you.


Do you take insurance?

No.  Insurance companies often require the sharing of confidential information as well as restrict services by determining how many sessions can be provided and what therapy modalities can be utilized. This hinders the therapeutic process.

I'm not sure I can afford the self-pay rate. What are my payment options?

  • Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts – Such accounts can be utilized to pay for mental health services such as Family Therapy. You can use your HSA/FSA card to pay for services or choose to be reimbursed monthly.

  • Out of network benefits – If your health insurance company offers out of network benefits, you may be eligible for submitting a monthly invoice for reimbursement to your insurance carrier. Contact your insurance company to confirm.

  • Sliding scale fees – Rates are determined by annual household income and federal poverty guidelines. Income must be verified prior to scheduling first session. Please request an application if interested in this option.


How do I submit payment?

Payments for therapy appointments are required at time of service. Payments can be processed electronically with a debit/credit card through your client portal or in person with your therapist. Payments for parent workshops are required upon registering for the event. These payments are processed electronically when you register.

Who Can Benefit

We’re experiencing increased stress due to circumstances, but we’re not sure we need therapy. What else do you offer?

A local parent support group is facilitated free of charge. Parent workshops are also offered. You can find more information on the Services page.

We have an active case with the Department of Child Services. Can you help us?

Pinwheel Alliance LLC and the therapist do not have legal roles or any authority to alter or reduce your DCS case. However, family therapy can be provided to help alleviate the distress that comes with having a DCS case and overcome the barriers that led to DCS involvement. Therapeutic Supervised Visitation is offered on a limited basis.

Will you share my information with DCS?

Pinwheel Alliance LLC adheres to all HIPAA laws. You have a right to privacy and confidentiality. No information can be shared without your written permission. However, if you are being referred for services by DCS, you may be required to sign a Release of Information.

Do we have to have a DCS case to begin services?

No. We work with all families experiencing hardship who choose to utilize our services.


I’m a single parent. Is Family Therapy right for me?

Yes! Family Therapy is provided for single parents, parents who are married or unmarried, blended families, even grandparents raising their grandchildren. If you are raising a child, we are here for you!

Does my whole family – significant other and children – need to be present for every session?

No. Sessions typically vary depending on the issue being addressed. Some sessions may be one parent and one child, while others may be parents only. Still others could be a combination of family members.

Do you attend court for custody proceedings or DCS hearings?

Neither Pinwheel Alliance LLC nor the therapist provides or performs evaluations for custody, visitation, or other forensic matters. Court testimony for such will not be provided. If contacted by an attorney or subpoenaed, Pinwheel Alliance LLC is legally bound to respond and attend court proceedings if needed. Pinwheel Alliance LLC charges separate fees for court hearings and preparation which cannot be reimbursed by insurance or covered by HSA/FSA accounts.


What's the best way to contact Pinwheel Alliance LLC or my therapist?

Pinwheel Alliance LLC can be contacted by phone, email, or through the Contact form available on the website. Once starting with your therapist, your therapist should be contacted directly by phone or through your client portal.

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