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Therapy and More

Thank you for checking out the services offered by Pinwheel Alliance LLC.


Pinwheel Alliance LLC is a for-profit practice that offers a variety of services. Please read each description thoroughly. If you have any questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or use the Contact form to connect with Charity.

Parents Supporting Parents dates/time:

Parents Supporting Parents is a bi-weekly group. We look forward to beginning our next group.

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15 Minute Phone Consultation (Free!)

If you're not sure which services are right for you or you have additional questions, you can schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation here. Please note, if you schedule a consultation and fail to attend, a $25 service fee will be charged.


Family Therapy ($125 per session)

Home Based Therapy and/or Community Based Therapy

Are you a parent frustrated by your child’s behaviors? Feel like you tried everything and nothing is changing? Let us help you! Pinwheel Alliance LLC understands that a child’s negative behavior can be overwhelming and stressful. However, such behavior communicates an unmet need. By exploring parent-child relationships, attachment styles, and internal and external factors, your therapist will help you determine what your child is communicating so the need can be met and change can occur. Your therapist will also assess and incorporate protective factors to ensure that you as the parent have what you need to be successful.


Therapy sessions are provided face-to-face locally in Terre Haute, Indiana and can be scheduled in the home and/or community. Insurance is not accepted at this time. However, HSA/FSA accounts can be utilized to pay for Family Therapy. Out of network benefits through your insurance carrier may also be available. This would allow payment of services to be reimbursed. Contact your insurance carrier prior to beginning services if you are interested in this option. A sliding scale fee option is also available based on income. Ready to schedule? Schedule an Intake here.


Therapeutic Supervised Visitation ($125 per hour)

Please Contact Pinwheel Alliance LLC for further information as this is a specialized service offered to court and/or DCS mandated clients. Acceptance of referrals for such services are dependent on therapist availability.


Parent Workshops ($50)

Workshops are designed for parents interested in increasing their knowledge regarding the provided topic areas listed below. These are two hour informational/instructional sessions provided virtually and scheduled throughout the year by Pinwheel Alliance LLC. Want to stay updated on dates and times of our next workshop? Use the Contact form to let us know, and we'll add you to our email list.

Workshops can also be "hosted" in person. This is only available to those residing in Vigo County, Indiana and surrounding counties. You do not need to be a parent to host a workshop. However, the audience should consist of parents as these workshops are not intended to be used as professional trainings. A host must also be able to accommodate 10-25 people. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please use the Contact form to request more information and a cost estimate.

Topic areas include: Internet Safety; Child Abuse Basics; Strengthening Your Family. More to be added at a later date.


Parents Supporting Parents (free parent support group)

Parents Supporting Parents is exactly what it sounds like: parents supporting parents! Participation in this free group provides space for parents to connect with other parents, foster mutual support, share tools/resources, gain insight, problem solve, and alleviate stress. 


We know parenting is not without its challenges. Feeling alone, like you’re failing, or that you’re doing something wrong and will never get it right are common parenting experiences. Although there is help available through excessive amounts of books, magazines, blogs, and online resources (to name a few!) sometimes what a parent needs is to sit down with another parent.  Let Parents Supporting Parents change your outlook.

Interested in attending? Use the Contact form to let us know. You'll be added to our email list so you can be informed of when the next group begins.

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